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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PST

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you today recognizes that need and sets out a plan to help create the opportunity for child care within the area. under the resolution, we would require, in the disposition of development agreements, four blocks 4, 5, 6 and 7, and ask, that the developer in food in their proposal an area for child care centers that are consistent with all required state and local laws for child care facilities. we would work with the city and county of san francisco, and if the department of youth and families commit irrevocably future impact fees from section 4 of 14 from the planning code for construction of said child care centers, then we would use those funds for the construction of the child care facility. what is important in the resolution is we recognize the
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funding for our work is still ongoing and planned. the resolution before you is a resolution to work toward planning and helping to create an opportunity but does not obligate the tjpa funding for that use. in fact, the construction cost would be covered by the impact fees and would require that any use cover 100% market rate rent so that the developer, when they propose to us, proposes a full market proposal for the land itself. we would work with the developer, the city, and communities to identify child care operators and inappropriate business plan to cover the 100% market rent. if we were unsuccessful in identifying a child-care operator and business plan by one year's time after receipt of occupancy permit for that building, then at that point, the developer would be allowed to put that used to retail and
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convert, accordingly. director ford: director cohen? director cohen: is there a reason we did not look at putting this in the terminal? >> we looked at a number of technical reasons. as i referenced, there are specific laws and code requirements that relate to child care facilities. primarily, direct access to open space. secondarily, as it relates to emergency egress in the case of fire. we did look at the building itself. it did require a change in vertical circulation because we needed to create independent, vertical emergency egress for the child care center. we looked at including in the same article core plant in the building but still found we would need to widen and separate them because of the way the code is written. as it related to the use on the
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park itself, there was consideration for flexibility that would create an opportunity where the open space would be dedicated to the child care center during the operational use of the center, and then flip to public use. we received some public indication that that is less desirable for operators, because if there is a public use, they are responsible for making sure the public did not leave anything behind that would be dangerous for the children. secondly, they desire for -- that the child care center operate more than typical hours. if that was the case, the open space would end up being dedicated to the chalk pericenter longer and less available to the public. we spend consume -- a considerable amount of time looking at it. because of the code requirements, because of the
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change of vertical circulation requirements, and access to the open space requirement, we do not recommend this. the last piece was of issue. we did receive an issue indication from the fire department that they would prefer not to have child care centers on anything other than the ground floor because of the emergency access issue. while they acknowledge they have previously permitted child care centers not on the ground floor, they have also acknowledged that it causes a problem for them and they would prefer us not to do such. we have parcels 5, 6, 7, and f still in front of us. we would recommend keeping the facility outside of the transit center. director cohen: that is helpful. director ford: all those in favor say aye? post? >> item 10 is approved.
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no members of the public have indicated they want to address you on that item. item 11 is approving the minutes of the december 9, 2010 meeting. director ford: moved by director lloyd. seconded by director cohen. all those in favor? >> that concludes the items on the agenda today. director ford: thank you very much, madame secretary. that concludes our meeting for january 13.
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